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At this point, you should have already registered with, or otherwise contacted us, and we have gone through the checklists with you to make sure that entry and arrival are as smooth as possible. Once you are in Freiburg, we are looking forward to welcoming you personally.

Welcoming You


Upon your arrival, please schedule an appointment to see us at our offices. Preferably, we are third behind your accommodation and your host institution on the list of places to visit. We will sit down with you and work through the formalities that need to be taken care of, help you to fill in forms and, if you wish, accompany you to some the local authorities.

Always schedule an appointment first.


The First Two Weeks

We recommend that you come see us within the first couple of days after you have arrived. An important item to cross off the to-do-list is the obligatory registration with the city. Registration must occur within a week of arrival, so you should visit us a day or two after you got here.

The matters we help you with include

  • registration with the city (Anmeldung)
  • residence permit
  • assistance with forms and contracts
  • insurances
  • bank account
  • phone and internet
  • University ID
  • campus dining
  • libraries
  • public transportation
  • health
  • accompanying partner/family
  • general information on living in Freiburg


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